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Completed Projects


Hidden Alley Productions is a UK/Maltese based film production company


The following projects/scripts are all written by Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor. 

Some of these projects are award winning.

Tell Me You Love Me

Writer: Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor 

Director: Paulette Randall MBE

A rooftop party for two, a brother & sister celebrate their love. She has escaped from a violent husband but her scars run deep. She makes the ultimate choice.

tell me you love me poster.png


Writer: Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor 

Director: Paul Romero Mendez and Arturo Antolin

Ruth, an elderly lady with dementia, becomes lost within her own home. As she tries to find answers, she ends up losing herself further, confusing reality with memories from her past.

Shot in a single 12 minute take, the film tries to put the audience in Ruth’s shoes, making them feel first hand the daily confusion brought on by someone suffering from dementia.

'Ruth' was selected by Directors UK and ARRI as one of the participants in their 2020 TRINITY Challenge.   


UK FILM REVIEW: "The single take attempts to put us in Ruth’s shoes, and it definitely succeeds." 


THE INDEPENDENT CRITIC: "'Ruth' a Touching Cinematic Achievement"

NERDBOT: "Heartbreaking Short Film “Ruth” Explores Tragedy Of Dementia"

FIRSTSHOWING.NET: "One-Take Dementia Short Film 'Ruth' Starring Ania Marson"


Film Festivals

  • Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2024 — BAFTA Qualifying Film Festival

  • Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2024 — BIFA Qualifying Film Festival

  • Brighton Rocks International Film Festival 2024 — BIFA Qualifying Film Festival

  • North East International Film Festival 2023 — *WINNER BEST UK SHORT* — BIFA Qualifying Film Festival

  • Wigan & Leigh Short Film Festival 2023 — BIFA Qualifying Film Festival

  • The Rob Knox London Film Festival 2024 — *WINNER BEST FILM and BEST PERFORMANCE*

  • Hastings Rocks International Film Festival 2024 — *WINNER BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY*

  • The Romford Film Festival 2024 BEST PERFORMANCE*

  • Kingston International Film Festival 2023

  • Winchester Film Festival 2023

  • Super Shorts Hackney 2023 — *WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD*

  • Gozo Film Festival 2023

  • Smodcastle Film Festival 2023

  • UK Film Review Festival 2023



Writer: Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor 

Director: Laura Seixas 

Synopsis: In1947, a young Austrian boy is brought to Elvas, Portugal, along with hundreds of other children, to be sheltered form the aftermath of war, until his family is found. Being with his foster family, this boy encounters a little girl - a proud, strong high spirited girl, who knows nothing of war, and barriers form between them. But as they learn to communicate past the language, a strong bond is formed in this unlikely reunion. This little girl was the director's grandmother.


AWARDS: 1st place at Shore Scripts (best script)



Writer: Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor 

Director: Rob Ayling

When a girl suffering with body dysmorphia is told she only has 90 minutes to live as a meteorite is heading to Earth, she decides how best to spent her last moments.


AWARDS: qualified to be part of the IMPACT FEATURE FILM


Writer: Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor 

Director: Rob Ayling

The Impact opens with the President of America (Olivia Williams) giving a televised speech to the world (written by Joe Eszterhas (Basic Instinct) where she sets out the premise of the movie… Nothing will survive.


The Impact poses the question: what would you do if you knew that you only had two hours to live? This question was answered by thousands of screenwriters who wrote short scripts that were filmed and edited together to create The Impact.


The Impact is a fascinating tapestry of interwoven stories from diverse voices around the world; at times moving and profound, at others hilarious and irreverent, but always asking ‘what would we do in our final moments?’ A multi-cultural and global reflection of pop culture’s vision of the apocalypse… written and filmed BEFORE the actual covid apocalypse of 2020, and now offering a haunting reflection of where we may be headed as a species.

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