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About Us 


Hidden Alley Productions is a film making company based both in Malta and London. It is run by Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor who is a Commissioned, produced and multi-award-winning TV and feature screenwriter whose films have qualified for Oscar and BAFTA festivals. A project that she co-wrote has won the ARRI TRINITY CHALLENGE which was set up by ARRI and DIRECTORS UK. 
In 2020, Kerry-Ann was honoured when she was commissioned to write a script to be directed by Paulette Randell MBE, one of the most influential women in theatre and television. She was then chosen to write a big budget Chinese co-production feature.

She has a couple of scripts in development with independent production companies as well as a co-writer/producer credit on a feature project with Joe Eszterhas (Basic instinct), currently in Post-production. She has even been asked to adapt a novel and write the story for a Graphic Novel.
She often collaborates with the well respected script editor, Karol Griffiths (Spielberg and the Coen brothers) and her latest social justice feature has just been requested by several producers. 

Kerry Ann Calleja McGregor

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